River Dove Dane Grimsditch Mill Pool 27-12-14

After a lovely couple of Christmas days spent with the family what better way to start the weekend than a day on the river Dove? That was the plan and the usual night before preparation saw the car loaded up and ready to go but as I needed the tracking doing on the afore mentioned car it wouldn’t be the usual 6am start, instead a civilised 8am rise saw me heading out of the house at 9:30am.

First Problem – I was greeted by a  completely flat rear tyre, unloading the car to get at the spare I was thinking it was a good job I was going to get my tracking done so wasn’t too disappointed and swapped the tyre in a matter of ten minutes or so.

Second Problem – I had a cheque to pay into the bank so called in first, the cheque paying in machine wouldn’t take the cheque so after insulting it’s intelligence I stormed outside to the ATM, cheque paid in successfully I asked for £20 grabbed the card and headed off to the petrol station at Sainsbury’s.

ATM+cashThird Problem – Queuing up to pay for the diesel I realised when opening my wallet that I hadn’t waited for my £20 to come out at the ATM, instead some jammy sod had probably spotted it flapping about in the breeze and collected it for a day on the beer at my expense. On the off chance the machine had taken it back in headed back to the bank and queued patiently (again) only to be told it hadn’t been taken back by the ATM and there’s nowt the bank could do.

This was the second time this year although the last time I consoled myself that some needy student had taken it and treated themselves to a nice curry, this time I knew the locals well and unfortunately they’d have been straight around the pub or/and the bookies blatantly laughing at my stupidity.

Traffic JamFourth Problem – After at least successfully getting the tracking done and puncture repaired I joined the M6 at junction  21a I could see the stationary traffic, the signage indicated ‘Slow Salt Spreading’ and the 40mph signs were lit, no problem I’ll just sit it out, Eventually we started moving albeit second gear but we were moving, an hour later we’d reached junction 20 so I tuned into a radio station and waited for the traffic news….. “The M6 southbound should be avoided this afternoon, no apparent reason just shear weight of traffic means it’s gridlocked all the way down to junction 15 at Stoke” You don’t feckin say!!

Dane LevelsI made the decision to abandon the Dove and head for the river Dane at junction 18 so a thirty five minute journey had taken two and half hours still I was pleased to be off the motorway and would shortly be wetting a line. As I glanced at the river from the slip road it appeared swollen and chocolate brown in colour, not ideal but I’d check the levels from the farm yard so I pressed on uncertain on what to do.

The latest levels showed it was rising fast at 4am, it was now 2pm so was bound to be in the fields, I know this stretch well and have fished it in flood many times but usually without success so I made the decision to go and visit Grimsditch Mill Pool, a lovely little club water and it would give me a chance to try out my new (to me anyway) rod, a Hardy Richard Walker 13′ Matchmaker.

I’d bought it mainly for the close season but also for trotting when conditions allowed, it’s three sections and an early fibreglass rod but very light and easy to hold comfortably for long periods of time so perfect for the job.

Grimsditch Pool 27-12-14 (2)

Grimsditch had a light spattering of snow and judging by the lack of foot prints I was the only one daft enough to be fishing it. The pools surface was perfectly still apart from the occasional shower. The wildlife was less obvious than when I was last there in June but eventually it showed itself in the form of grebes and the occasional coot, a tiny field mouse ran under my feet on a mission to recover a small cube of meat I’d dropped and scurried back into the undergrowth.

Grimsditch Pool 27-12-14 (3) Grimsditch Pool 27-12-14 (4) Grimsditch Pool 27-12-14 (5)

I fished the float rod and also the Avon rod ledgered out towards the island but neither showed any signs of life beneath the surface, perhaps I was too over gunned on the tackle, perhaps they’d gone into a dormant state and stopped feeding or perhaps, as the title suggests, I should have just stayed in bed!!

As you’d expect I’m not the type to give up that easily so I’m planning another attempt to reach the river Dove and being a week day I think my chances are good but then again I always do think I’m in with a chance as long as I can get a bait in the water!!

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