River Vyrnwy 20-12-14

Last week I gave the river Dove a miss, it wasn’t a difficult choice as I had the chance to visit a new stretch of the Vyrnwy with a couple of mates. The former day ticket stretch is further upstream than my clubs stretch and looked very promising when we arrived at 9am, a total contrast to 36 hours earlier when it had well and truly burst it’s banks.


We set up at the upper stream limit and I found a slack area near to the rushes, a 5/8oz bomb was sufficient to hold bottom and I started off on cheese paste hoping to take an early fish.

River Vyrnwy 20-12-14 (19) River Vyrnwy 20-12-14 (20)

After thirty minutes I moved downstream and my two amigos did the same, we had too much to go at and not enough hours in the day but the next swim felt like a ‘keeper’ so I set the chair up and got comfy, so comfy I nodded off and woke an hour or more later to find Pete had moved off and Penno looked as though he’d collapsed on the floor but on closer inspection he’d simply taken a mid afternoon nap too!!

Realising that it’d be dark soon I collected some tackle and my bait bucket and wandered off to find Pete, Penno said he’d be heading home in an hour so we said our goodbyes and I left him to it.

Pete had found a nice slack behind a midstream island and I dropped in about fifty yards upstream of him, the river was racing through but the nearside tress created a nice looking back eddy, surely a chub or two would be resting up here?

Unfortunately they weren’t so just before dark I headed back to the ‘comfy’ swim for the last hour. My cheese paste had raised a little interest but I fancied ledgered crust popped up around 6 inches, I’d been feeding a slack to my right and was ready to give it a go.

River Vyrnwy 20-12-14 (35)

At 6pm I could see Pete’s head torch coming around the hillside as we’d agreed, an earlier than usual finish for me but at least we’d be home at a reasonable hour and apart from the A483 being closed we would have been but instead a detour added a further hour to our return journey.

I liked the Vyrnwy, it reminded me of Llandrinio with it’s sheep grazing hillside and rugged banks, the river must look absolutely stunning in the summer with so many trees and features to cast a line at I’ll be back and maybe next time, if the levels a little better, try a little harder to find the fish.

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